March 13, 2011

Backwoods Life’s Michael and Beth Lee are Living The Hunt Srong Life!

       I had the pleasure of meeting up with both Michael and Beth Lee of The Backwoods Life and to introduce them to the Hunt […]
March 13, 2011

Hunt Strong Gives Back!      I had the pleasure of auctioning off and guiding the highest bidder, Nelson, on a Florida hog hunt to raise funds for conservation projects […]
January 23, 2011

Bank Of America Fight For Air Climb 2010 VIDEO

Bank of America Climb Fight For Air Climb, 42 Floors, 84 Flights of Stairs, 577 Ft. High The video is dark but you can still HEAR ME FIGHT […]
August 8, 2010

Some Heavy Chins!

     The exercise I am performing above is known as heavy chins or heavy chin-ups.  My grip is an underhand grip with my palms facing me […]
July 25, 2010

Just Some Core Training!

 Press PLAY!       This is just two examples of how I strengthen my core throughout my training.  A strong core will help prevent injuries to the […]