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Hunt Strong Gives Back!      I had the pleasure of auctioning off and guiding the highest bidder, Nelson, on a Florida hog hunt to raise funds for conservation projects across elk country through The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. The Hunt was auctioned off back in August at The RMEF’s Tampa Chapter Banquet, which is where I had the pleasure to meet […]

Some Heavy Chins!

     The exercise I am performing above is known as heavy chins or heavy chin-ups.  My grip is an underhand grip with my palms facing me and my arms shoulder width apart. The term “heavy” is used because you are using your own body weight or greater with weight attached at the waist.       The […]

Just Some Core Training!

 Press PLAY!       This is just two examples of how I strengthen my core throughout my training.  A strong core will help prevent injuries to the lower back which almost 80% of the population will experience at some time in their life.  The movements are slow and controlled to ensure that I am focusing on […]