Beth Lee

I was at a point in my life that when I looked in the mirror I was not happy with what I saw.  I am only 5’4”, and I had gotten up to 170 lbs.  My clothes were getting tighter and I was determined not to go up a size!  I have always tried to exercise on a regular basis, but nothing was working.                          

My husband met Davie, and said that he wanted to do his H.U.N.T. Strong program.  I thought why not…it can’t hurt anything.  I was kind of skeptical about the H.U.N.T. Strong Nutritional Plan because I was raised in the south where you eat a lot of carbs with your meals.  Once we got started I have been able to stick with the program pretty easy.  

The key to the nutrition is planning out what you are going to eat.  We cook enough food to last a few meals, and I always keep cheese and nuts in the house.  Eating out is not hard either.  Just about every restaurant has gtreat choices you can choose from, even if you have to order “off” of the menu! 

 The workouts are great.  They only take about 45 minutes to do, so you don’t have to spend hours in the gym every day.  In the first month I lost 7”, and 4% body fat.  With results like that I was REALLY motivated to keep it up.  I am now down to 151lbs, and down almost 2 dress sizes.

 We recently went on vacation to the Florida Keys, and I was actually excited to put on a bathing suit.  This has been a lifestyle change for me, and something that I will be able to stick with.

Beth Lee

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