JD: I am a very firm believer in the program that Davie promotes. I grew up in a very athletic oriented family, where sports of all kinds are made a priority. I played an assortment of sports starting in youth leagues and going all of the way up to the collegiate level. After college, it became apparent that golf, tennis, and hunting/fishing are really the only “lifetime sports” that one can enjoy for years to come. Always the competitor, I wanted to take my passions to the next level.

Davie knew of my love for the outdoors through both hunting and fishing and designed a program that was built for me. It is easy to focus on the minor benefits such as looking better; however the real upside is being able to enjoy your free time to the fullest. Whether I am Dall Sheep hunting in Canada or stalking Stags in Argentina, I know that I am going to be able to enjoy every moment of that experience because my body is ready to handle it!!!

Davie’s training and program made my dreams of harvesting animals across the globe come true. A lot of them were not easy hunts but I was prepared for them. In the end, the most important piece of equipment that you will ever take on a hunting trip that will decide whether you are successful or not is your body. My strength went up, endurance skyrocketed and body fat went down.

Thanks for helping me achieve my goals,


Loran:  I have done what I thought was necessary for years to be in “good shape”. Running, biking, and many other activities that I thought would keep me performing at my best. Honestly, I started training with Davie because I wanted to look better and feel better. It was my goal to get into the best shape of my life!

Davie’s program did exactly that. I learned what I was missing and what was necessary not only to drop my body fat percentage but to keep that percentage there. It was intense and rewarding at the same time. I felt really good about the progress I made and continue to do so.

It was after I had already started training that I noticed how much I was benefiting from it in my private pursuits. I recently took up the sports of hunting and fishing. Honestly, some of the hunts that I have had the good fortune to go on have been grueling endeavors. Yet, I was ready every step of the way because my body was prepared!Who cares if you can shoot a 3 inch group at 300 yards target practicing?  It’s making those accurate shots when the heart rate is elevated and the adrenaline is flowing!  Whether hunting Coues deer in Arizona, Nyala and Kudu in the tough terrain of South Africa, or fighting Tarpon on the flats of Boca Grande, I was ready to take control of my own destiny through Davie’s program.

Thank you Davie, Loran


Robin: I grew up competing on the national level in the sport of dance, so I have always lived an athletic and competitive lifestyle.  But it wasn’t until I watched Davie transform himself through our college years together that it started to sink in with what it means to be truly healthy; both inside and out.  He grew such a passion for learning every complexity of the human body.  He knows exactly how to fuel the body to push it to the best it can be.  He can trace every ingredient from proteins, fats, carbs and even spices and tell you what advantages they offer your body.  Davie really understands the science and art behind it all.  Living with him, day in and day out, it’s only natural that the competitive side in me started to show.  I want to look and feel like that too!  So I took on the challenge.  I committed myself to his nutritional and exercise plan.  I immediately noticed health benefits.  My complexion became clearer, my joints stopped moaning and cracking (after years of dance, that’s a miracle in itself), and my heart became stronger.  Everything started to jive.  As my endurance started to build, I noticed it became harder to increase my heart rate.  I could push my body further than I ever thought possible.

Thank you to my husband for inspiring me each and every day to live life passionately.  I train for you, for our daughter Emma, for my own health, and I Train to Hunt!  I am Hunt Strong!!