January 8, 2012

Backwoods Life, Treated by Southern Hospitality!

           As the season comes to an end in South Georgia, Backwoods Life visits Trophy Georgia Hunts with owners Gary and Mel in hopes of […]
December 25, 2011

Another Hunt Strong Christmas

          When God created the sport of Hunting, he also created the best feeling on earth, the racing steady flow of what we call, Adrenaline. Its […]
December 3, 2011

Team Hunt Strong, Train To Hunt, Conquers The TOUGHEST Event on Earth

What is Tough Mudder??? Click Play…..       Tough Mudder, is probably one of the toughest events on earth. You will be challenged both physically & mentally through […]
November 23, 2011

The Evil Side of Mother Nature

      November is always the best time to be in the whitetail woods in just about anywhere in the United States.  Almost every die hard whitetail deer hunter, including […]
October 16, 2011

Backwoods Life’s Michael and Kevin Are Huntin’ Strong…….

     Michael Lee knocked downs a nice mature Georgia Buck with his Elite while Kevin answers right back with an awesome Missouri Monster. That’s two big bucks […]
October 6, 2011

There is a little bit of “SWAMP PEOPLE” in THE BACKWOODS LIFE…..

            The Backwoods Life headed to hunt swamp lizards with Seth and Chelsea Whitaker of Switchgrass Outfitters in Titusville, FL. We had four gator […]
September 23, 2011

Trials, Tribulations, & Triumphs

     Our Elk/Mule Deer Excursion…      Bodies were tested, mental toughness was challenged, emotions were extreme highs and lows, but we were focused with a few things on […]
September 7, 2011

Gas Mask, Weighted Vest, & A Ton of Stairs…….

          Every year I compete and have placed in the top 5 climbing stairs of high rises, also know as a vertical road race. Anyone […]
September 6, 2011

A Little R & R Goes A Long Way

          Getting enough rest after exercise is essential to your performance, but many still over train and have guilt when they decide to take a day off. The […]