July 6, 2012

Lizard Chasin’, Arrow Flingin’, Air Boat Action……All On This weeks Backwoods Life TV

Tune into Backwoods Life TV this week as we head to Switchgrass Outfitters in Titusville, Florida with some gator tags burning holes in our pockets. We […]
July 4, 2012

“Fire up the Grill” on This 236th Independence Day….

  Ingredients: 1 venison backstrap 1 cup extra virgin olive oil 1 cup red wine vinaigrette 2 medium onions sliced 1 cup celery, chopped 1 clove […]
June 26, 2012

Backwoods Life TV Starts This Week, Rated M For Muzzy Moments

       The Backwoods Life® television show with hosts Michael Lee, Kevin Knighton, Woody Sullivan, and the Backwoods Bonehead™ crew (including your truly) starts airing it’s 8th season this […]
June 21, 2012

Vacation = Sunsets, long walks on the beach, EXERCISE…….WHAT????

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” Benjamin Franklin                Crashing waves, coconut sun tan lotion, bathing suits, seagulls squawking; Summer time is here, […]
June 12, 2012

Shoulder Synergy

The Sum is greater than it’s parts (2 + 2 =5).      Deltoid, Anterior, Medial, and Posterior muscles are very small muscles within the human body, but are by far one […]
June 9, 2012

Your Hunt Starts NOW

“It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.”-Jackie Joyner-Kersee      Hot, Humid, Sticky, Sweaty…….just a taste of what opening day […]
May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Workout, In Honor of A Fallen Hero

  Remembering Michael Murphy — A Navy SEAL Who Gave His Life For Our Freedom        Michael Patrick Murphy (May 7, 1976 – June 28, […]
May 17, 2012

How the Web Pedals

Despite the arguments over global warming, and the ongoing brisk sales of cars, this may become the century of the bicycle. When bicycles are considered essential […]
May 1, 2012

Play The Gobbler at His Game

          The temperature is on the rise with summer just around the corner. It’s a hot 92 degrees as our Florida Spring Gobbler Season is close to […]