Josh Lindblom, MLB Pitcher


The hard part about writing a testimony for anyone is that there is no good place to start. Usually that person has impacted you in a way that is impossible to put into words. So, with that said, I will start with right now. As I sit here typing this in my hotel room I will tell you what I just did. I cooked my breakfast of egg whites and chicken breast on my portable griddle that I travel with. This may sound crazy to everyone and it even sounded crazy to me (still does a little) before I met Davie.

I had the privilege of meeting Davie three years ago on a hunting trip, we immediately hit it off. The first things that I noticed about Davie was his passion and care. He was truly passionate about the things he believed and he truly cared for those around him to be affected by his passions. I knew that he would have an impact on my life.

With my career, my body is my tool. I must be in peak physical condition in order to withstand the rigors of a full season. What Davie introduced me to was the missing ingredient in my training, my nutrition. This started a long and exciting process. Since I have met Davie I have gone from 245 lbs. to 220 lbs. My strength has increased along with every other area in my life.

I could go on and on about Davie, but for your sake I will keep it short. Davie is far more than a trainer or nutritionist. Anyone that has ever encountered or worked with him can tell you that. Davie is a friend, an encourager, and a partner. He enters into the battles with whoever he comes into contact with. Everyone we come into contact with has reasoning for what they do. Davie’s is simple he wants to see people transformed, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. He wants them to know that they are not in their struggles alone. He has been through it and is still going through it. This is why people fall short of their goals because they don’t have someone that is willing to fight with them.

Davie loves what he does, but more importantly he lives what he does. I will be forever grateful for his example.


Josh Lindblom, MLB Pitcher

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