If you committed to yourself to make one change in your life, which change would make you a healthier person: eating right or exercising?  Correct answer: EATING RIGHT!  Believe it or not, nutrition is the most important component of the Results Formula.  (Results Formula= eating right + weight-resistance training + cardiovascular training). It is what potentially separates you from who you are today to who you want to be tomorrow! So now you’re thinking, “what does eating right mean?”  Let’s start with what it doesn’t mean…

Ever hear the words “conventional dieting” i.e. calorie counting? Let’s be honest, almost everyone has tried a conventional diet at some point in their life.  But what was the outcome?  I will take a guess, you either failed to lose fat or you regained it all plus some shortly after. This cycle of “yo-yo” dieting can make you feel like a failure.  Truth is conventional dieting programs are designed to do just that. They are temporary solutions to make you become lifetime dependent upon them.  The founders of these programs have an agenda, they want your money, over and over again. You can’t turn on the television without a company advertising the magic pill or weight loss  program that will intend to give you the results you want.  Simply stated, conventional dieting is not a way to lose body fat or a way to get you within reach of your goal! You absolutely do not learn anything from following these types of diets; except for how far you can push your will power until you give in and bounce back like a rubber band.

In response to these programs, most individuals have a negative outlook on eating.  Our minds have become trained to think calories make people fat. So we all look at eating as being bad because eating is the process of ingesting calories. Typically, the first step in most conventional diets is to cut calories.   There are 4 calories per gram in proteins and carbohydrates and 9 calories per gram in fats. So, the first macro-nutrient to be eliminated from the diet is fat. Fat consumption has almost diminished from our diets, but yet the obesity rates have increased. It’s the consumption of preservatives and highly refined cheap carbohydrates mixed with low quality fats that make people fat.  Not all calories are created equal either. You can have six doughnuts a day or have six meals of lean meat and vegetables throughout the course of the day. The total number of calories ingested are the same. You tell me which is more nutritious.

The secret to success is finding a perfect balance in your eating plan.  I don’t count calories or restrict myself from eating any of the major food groups.  The key is knowing when to eat them and how much.  Remember what we are trying to accomplish, that feeling of victory. To become nutritionally independent for the rest of your life, free to make your own well-informed decisions to fuel your body properly.  What you eat determines how well you will perform. You don’t want to have a bad performance all because you were not properly informed or prepared.