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Team Hunt Strong, Train To Hunt Came, They Climbed/Stalked, & They Conquered!!

     Going from being completely dry to drenched in sweat less than 6 minutes is exactly what Team Hunt Strong, Train To Hunt felt as they pushed, pulled, and battled their way to the top of  Ft. Myers tallest skyscraper. The American Lung Association’s Fight For Air Climb ( was a success, especially for Team […]

HUNT STRONG’ S 3rd Fight For Air Climb (84 Flights/42 Stories/914 Steps)

    Bank Of America Tampa, FL.      Feelings of extreme exhaustion, legs weighing 100lbs. a piece, muscles on fire, fighting for air just to make it to the 42nd floor. That’s what over 1100 individuals felt as they participated in The American Lung Association’s 6th annual Fight For Air Climb last Saturday, March 26th, at The […]